thoughts on God and Nothingness

Accepting death is accepting the meaninglessness of life.
There is nothing more.
Every human roams around this twirling rock without a clue how we got here. We know we are homeless. That the wooden house we live in is no more ours than the clouds above. We all hide from the emptiness of the bottom because we know that what is there, which is the mind of the Universe, doesn’t exist in the realm of our logic.
We must admit that there is an emptiness to our lives, simply because we don’t know how we got here and we don’t know where we’re going.
Our logic tells us that we work to get a reward. Our logic tells us that we do things only that better our lives because doing something that makes our lives worse is inherently bad and universally understood to be that way. This is what creates outcasts. The outcasts are always the people that try to mess up normalcy by doing stuff that appears to have no purpose to our current society. For example, how is painting going to change the whole of society for the better? It’s not. If it’s a lucky painting, it’ll hang on a wall and require dusting. Most paintings are in closets. That’s why painters are always outcasts. This is why punk rockers are outcasts. This is why protesters are outcasts.

Our brains pause when we get to the question of the emptiness of life, the place where no human mind has ever gone; infinity.
There is nothing left of importance left to focus on because what exists in the emptiness of our knowledge is God, something beyond awareness as we understand awareness to be: another dimension that only partly exists in our three-dimensional world. The self-knowledge that there is an emptiness in our knowledge, in our creation and purpose, is where God lives.

We can never understand God, because if we understood it, we would not call it God. We would call it something Latin and it would probably have numbers and an acronym. But, we can never know everything, because a single infinity is a literal eternity for everything. If knowledge is infinite, then God will always exist. God is eternal.


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  1. Noel says:

    well stated… this existence can only be understood based on our limited consciousness . Everything else is assumed and estimated , including the concept of God . We create the idea of good and evil based on what is favorable or unfavorable to our current society . Nothingness is therefore what we cannot fully understand and comprehend, but can only accept .


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